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Aston Martin Biography

Aston Martin – British Automaker has taken part in Formula 1 under several names. The business entered Formula 1 for the first time in 1959, then again in 1960, but failed to score any points during those two seasons. Aston Martin made the decision to quit Formula One after 1960 as a result.

Racing Point F1 team’s relaunch as Aston Martin in 2021 with Mercedes engines is the outcome of a commercial rebranding. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll are the team’s race drivers. Lawrence Stroll is the team’s owner whereas Mike Krack is Team Principle and Andrew Green is Technical Chief. The team’s main office is in Silverstone.

This team has a history of winning, having done so most recently in 2020 under the name Racing Point after first competing as Jordan.

Unfortunately, with all the years of Aston Martin in the sport, they’ve always been competing in the bottom field. Lawrence Stroll signing his son Lance Stroll as the teammate of the face of the team – Sebastian Vettel, the team has only scored only one podium in two years.

Aston Martin

Sergio Perez, who had a contract with them through 2022, was replaced for the 2021 championship by four-time World Drivers’ Champion Sebastian Vettel, who had previously driven for Ferrari. BWT pink was replaced by a more contemporary version of British racing green as part of the team’s rebranding.

Vettel’s second-place finish in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix gave Aston Martin its maiden podium appearance. In the Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel again came in second, however he was disqualified because of a problem with the fuel sample. Otmar Szafnauer, the team’s principal, indicated that the club will increase its staff from 535 to 800 employees in June 2021. Aston Martin announced in September 2021 that they would race in 2022 with the same driver lineup. Otmar Szafnauer, the team’s principal, left the organization in January 2022 after serving there for 12 years. Former member of the BMW and Porsche motorsport teams, Mike Krack

Racing History
Aston Martin 2018

As the fierce intra-team battle between veteran Sergio Perez and Mercedes prospect Esteban Ocon continues, Racing Point will transition to new ownership, the Racing Point moniker, and a new championship entry starting with the Belgian GP in August. Despite losing 59 points accumulated before Spa, recover strongly to place seventh overall.

Aston Martin 2019

Despite some courageous drives from the dependable Sergio Perez, who earns 52 of their 73 points, ensuring they maintain seventh in the constructors’ rankings, the team’s comeback from the turbulence of 2018 is gradual.

Aston Martin 2020

With the team firmly back on its feet, Sergio Perez, who will be replaced by Sebastian Vettel in 2021 and the team’s transition to Aston Martin, gives Racing Point its first race victory en route to fourth in the standings.

Aston Martin 2021

Tumble to P7 in the standings after failing to keep up with midfield opponents and scoring less than half of their 2020’s point total. Highlights include Sebastian Vettel’s third-place finish in Azerbaijan and fifth-place finishes in Spa and Monaco. His elimination from P2 in Hungary due to a fuel infraction is the low point.

Aston Martin 2022

Similar from 2021, failing to reach the midfield rivals and scoring even less points than previous season and no podiums, the team finished P7 yet again. Bidding a grateful adieu to Sebastian Vettel as this was his last season of his Formula 1 career. His replacement has already been announced as another World Champion Fernando Alonso.

Aston Martin’s future in Formula 1 is promissory but uncertain as they haven’t shown any improvement but shown a declination in their performance as compared to previous season. A good part of their hope in Constructors’ Championship lie in the hands of Veteran Fernando Alonso.

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