Max-Perez Controversy 2022

Max-Perez controversy is one of the main highlight of Brazilian GP. After their fight in Brazil, Perez is confident Verstappen and himself can act like “grown-ups.”

When Perez learned that Verstappen would pass him on the last lap and give him the spot, he was running in seventh place behind the Dutchman. With just one race remaining, the move would have given him two additional points and put him far ahead of Charles Leclerc of Ferrari in the hunt for second place in the world championship.

Following Max-Perez Controversy, Verstappen said that he “had his reasons” and disobeyed a specific team directive to allow Perez through. Both drivers spoke with team manager Christian Horner and Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko shortly after the race. After the incident, Perez, who is tied with Leclerc for first place going into the Abu Dhabi finale, chose not to elaborate.

Max-Perez Controversy

When questioned about his opinion, he responded, “We will resolve all of it inside within the team and move on, obviously, I’m upset, especially after everything I’ve done, but I’m sure we’re all adults now, and we’ll work together to go forward.”

When recalled about prior instances in regard of Max-Perez Controversy, in which he had aided Verstappen, he said: “There is no denying that I have helped him a lot in the past. However, as I’ve already stated, it’s best to keep this conversation within our team.” Perez insisted vehemently that the matter has been settled.

“Yes, most certainly. Otherwise, I don’t get it. In the future, it won’t just be different in Abu Dhabi. Always putting the needs of the team before personal interests.”

In Brazil, Perez had a challenging weekend. First, he couldn’t get a hand over Charles Leclerc before Adu Dhabi. Second, Max-Perez Controversy. He was second to eventual winner George Russell for the majority of the race but was forced to restart under the safety car in the closing laps because his competitors were on soft tires. In the last laps, he dropped from third to seventh place.

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“Yes, it progressively became worse and worse despite the fact that our first stint was pretty terrific. The second stint was going good, but the last stint was really, really bad, especially with the safety car. Being on that medium at the restart, we have no grip, and we were just a passenger, it completely killed our race.”

Max-Perez Controversy Opinion

I feel, Max had no reason to not let Perez pass him since, he had already won the driver’s championship. I don’t know what else is he looking for. He should have thought of the aid Perez has provided him in past, especially to win 2021 World Driver’s Championship by defending Hamilton to take the lead in the final round at Abu Dhabi. This year too, Perez gave his best to help Max win championship, like a loyal teammate unlike Max. Despite being a Max stan, I’m disappointed at Max’s behaviour and made me lose his respect. 

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